What is a "Buyer's Agent"?

A Buyer's Agent, under a Buyer Agency Agreement with the buyer, acts solely on behalf of the buyer.   Buyer's Agents will disclose to the buyer information known about the seller or the property, which may be used to benefit the buyer in a transaction.

The duties a Buyer's Agent and subagent (of the buyer) owe to the buyer include:
  • Promoting the best interests of the buyer;
  • Fully disclosing to the buyer all facts that might affect or influence the buyer's decision to tender an offer to purchase;
  • Keeping confidential the buyer's motivations for buying;
  • Presenting all offers on behalf of the buyer;
  • Disclosing to the buyer all information known to the buyer's agent about the willingness of the seller to complete the sale or accept a lower price;
  • Negotiate the price on behalf of the buyer.

Contact an agent to find out how a Buyer Agency contract can benefit you when you are looking for a home to purchase.